Download the OPANA® ER Co-Pay Card for your patients

To print OPANA® ER Co-Pay Cards for your patients, please enter the desired number of cards in the box below. For example, if you need 10 Co-Pay Cards, enter "10" in the box below, and you will receive a 10-page PDF containing 10 unique Co-Pay Cards. Since each individual card contains a unique identifier, please do not photocopy or print multiple copies of the PDF.

Certain states require the tracking of samples, starter packs, coupons, vouchers, co-pay cards, or similar incentives.

Please see Eligibility Rules and Restrictions on the Co-Pay Card printout. Restrictions may apply.

State License #

Number of cards (Maximum of 10)

Note: By clicking on the button below to get your Co-Pay Card(s), you are confirming that you are a Healthcare Professional.

Mobile convenience for your patients

Please let your patients know that they can have their Co-Pay Card information sent to a mobile device, so they don’t have to carry the card. Patients select this option when they download a Co-Pay Card at the website, then simply show the information to the pharmacist when they present their prescription.