Pain Relief

Dependable Product Profile
Pharmacokinetic Profile
Flexible Dosing
Opioid Conversions
Drug-Drug Interactions

OPANA® ER remained effective with stabilized dose
over 12 weeks in clinical trials

Minimal increase in mean pain score (VAS) from baseline to final visit with original formulation:
9 mm vs 32 mm for placebo (P<0.0001)1

Average pain intensity over time for opioid-experienced patients1

In the 12-week treatment phase in 142 opioid-experienced patients
with severe chronic low back pain1,*

Adverse Events

With OPANA® ER, adverse events were similar
to placebo after titration phase

Most common adverse events occurring in opioid-experienced patients2

Adverse Events Across All Clinical Trials

Adverse reactions reported in placebo-controlled
clinical trials (N=5) with incidence ≥2% in patients
receiving OPANA® ER2


  1. Hale ME, Ahdieh H, Ma T, Rauck R, Oxymorphone ER Study Group 1. Efficacy and safety of OPANA ER (oxymorphone extended-release) for relief of severe chronic low back pain in opioid-experienced patients: a 12-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. J Pain. 2007;8(2):175-184.
  2. OPANA® ER (Oxymorphone Hydrochloride) Extended-Release Tablets CII [Prescribing Information]. Endo Pharmaceuticals. Chadds Ford, PA; 2012.